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The alarm sounds, it’s still cold and dark outside. There is a high probability that what gets you out of your warm bed is a fresh cup of coffee. I consider it the primary motivator to start your day. Coffee consumption is on the rise each year. It's a global phenomenon.

Here are the consumption statisitics for the top 10 coffee consuming Nations. It is consumption per capita.

1. Finland: 9.6 kg per capita (consumption of 2.64 cups/day)

2. Norway: 7.2 kg (1.98 cups/day)

3. Netherlands: 6.7 kg (1.84 cups/day)

4. Slovenia: 6.1 kg (1.68 cups/day)

5. Austria: 5.5 kg (1.51 cups/day)

6. Serbia: 5.4 kg (1.49 cups/day)

7. Denmark: 5.3 kg (1.46 cups/day)

8. Germany: 5.2 kg (1.43 cups/day)

9. Belgium: 4.9 kg (1.35 cups/day)

10. Brazil: 4.8kg (1.32 cups/day)

Australia is ranked 42nd in the world with 3kg per capita.

Every nation has seen a marked increase in coffee houses. Café’s are full during the morning and afternoon break period.

How many coffee’s do you down in a day?

Data Source: SBS Australia

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