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It’s been close to a year since someone recommended ‘David Attenborouigh – A Life On Our Planet’ to me.

I watched it the last few days and it drives home how destructive humankind has been to animals, their ecosystems, oceans, forests and the polar ice caps. The destruction arises from pure selfishness.

“This is now our planet run by humankind for humankind.”

– David Attenborough

Our appetite for seafood has resulted in 30% of fish stock being overfished. A critical level. 15 billion trees are cut down each year crippling areas like the Amazon and Borneo.

Planetary ice is melting at an alarming rate.

“By damming, polluting and over-extracting rivers and lakes we’ve reduced the size of freshwater populations by 80%”

– David Attenbourough

That is staggering. Only 20% of freshwater fish left in our waterways.

Our farmland accounts for half of our fertile land across the globe. That’s crops and animal farming using up half our fertile land.

‘A Life on our Planet’ is a Netflix program. Netflix has made the documentary available on YouTube free of charge. Put your feet up, grab a warm drink and immerse yourself in this eye-opening work by the legendary David Attenborough. Here is the trailer below.

Be the change. This often sounds cliched but it’s one of the few driving forces which can help reduce, and maybe reverse, some of the damage we have inflicted on this planet.

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