• Rob Stefoski


It’s been a year since I got my Almond on. My first transition began with eliminating dairy in my coffee. I switched to Almond first and didn’t trial Soy or other non-dairy products. The taste was different in the beginning and at that stage I was unsure whether I would stick it out with the nutty milk. But I did. It was the best decision I could make. I'm also carrying about 5 - 8kg less in weight.

A year later I am almost completely non-dairy. No milk in cereal, no milk for drinking and no yoghurt. I have a little cheese on the odd occasion. I will cover my yoghurt substitute in a later post.

Soy and Almond Production has had a consistent and significant growth in the past decade. The chart and data below will attest to that.

For now, lets celebrate Almond milk. I absolutely love the flavour. It has become my all round drink replacement. You will often find me at the fridge sculling straight out of the carton.

Charts Source: Ibisworld

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