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Tarantino's First Step Into Filmmaking Greatness

In June 1991 Quentin Tarantino was selected to attend the Sundance Lab, where film professionals are assigned to filmmakers who are just starting out. At this stage Tarantino had written one screenplay and that was Natural Born Killer. He attempted to make My Best Friend's Wedding but failed to complete the project, which had dragged on for many years. So with his screenplay for Reservoir Dogs, he set out to shoot some scenes for the Lab and hone his skills as a director. Here is the demo of that Sundance Lab, with Steve Buscemi playing Mr Pink, who he would play the following year in the actual film.

It's interesting to note that Tarantino received a lot of criticism from the film professionals at the lab, however it was Terry Gilliam (director of Brazil, The Fisher King, 12 Monkeys) who took a liking to him and provided him with positive feedback. This would drive Quentin to make Reservoir Dogs and release it the following year at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Lab demo is a look at a beginner's first step to greatness. Reservoir Dogs has gone on to become a cult classic and it set up Tarantino for his masterpiece Pulp Fiction in 1994. YouTube Credit: cloudyhamby Photo Credit belongs to it's rightful owner

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