• Rob Stefoski


Why does Art captivate us?

By Rob Stefoski

Art is intriguing. Are we captivated by the colors or is it the forms and shapes? It must be a combination of both. Only the degree differs for each individual.

I have set up a couple of art studios since my daughter was born. One was full scale and the second strictly for the little people. Nothing puts a smile on her face like a fresh canvas on her easel. We usually limit each artwork to four colours. I often talk about constraints and four colours is a good start.

When you think of art you think of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, David Lynch and Henri Matisse. The list is extensive.

They are the pinnacle of Art. It’s important not to copy their work but to gradually develop your own style. Art and creativity take time. Art can cross genres and can also cross disciplines. This is the case with David Lynch. David is renowned for his artwork (above) but also films, which is a form of Art itself.

When I create a piece of Art I always look forward to a person’s interpretation of what it is. Sometimes it is the obvious. Other times it’s a pleasant surprise. And admittedly it could be a scathing review. In addition to this it is important that you pay close attention to a childs work and give them a fair assessment and comment.

When you see your child add a blue to a red on the canvas, a yellow to a blue and end up with green, you truly realise the power and magic of Art.

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